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007 Licenced to Thrill

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Why I’m excited for the next James Bond movie 

  • *More Daniel Craig kicking ass and taking names
  • *Who they’re gonna get to do the theme song
  • *Who’s gonna be the villian.
  • *Who’s gonna be the Bond Girl

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The latest James Bond movie: Skyfall (2012) stars Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 and Javier Bardem as the evil mastermind Raoul Silva. Silva wants to hack the MI6 in order to get revange for M’s betrayel. M (Judi Dench) sends 007 to stop Silva and James Bond jumps of to a great adventure with several characters and bond girls.

Starring: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Raplh Fiennes, Naomi Harris, Berinice Lim Marelohe, Ola Rapace

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Daniel Craig said he was shopping for groceries when he got the call from Barbara Broccoli that he had won the James Bond role. She apparently told him, “Over to you, kiddo.” Craig left the groceries behind and celebrated with a bottle of vodka. (x)

Casino Royale (2006)

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aaaand for those of you who want might the photo of ACTUALLY smokin’ hot Daniel Craig in chains without text all over it

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 Daniel Craig in Casino Royale♥

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